Houses for Sale in Nairobi

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We currently have 3 bedroom houses available for sale in Nairobi. Click and register to find out more.

3 Bedroom Houses for Sale in Nairobi, Kenya

houses for sale in Nairobi

Explore 3-bedroom houses for sale in Nairobi’s Kitengela area. Elevate your lifestyle in a gated community just 600 meters off the Nairobi-Namanga highway. Enjoy spacious living, proximity to schools, business centers, and entertainment hubs. Revo Homes offers modern living with all amenities within reach.

Revo Homes are modern houses for sale in Kenya, Nairobi. Kitengela is in the Nairobi metropolitan. The town is quickly gaining popularity amongst homebuyers looking for a serene environment and spacious living spaces in the suburbs.


Revo Homes Townhouses

Experience excellence in a gated community with 10 spacious units. Each townhouse sits on a 40 by 80 plot, boasting a plinth area of 145 sqm. Witness the blend of luxury and simplicity in these modern houses for sale in Nairobi, Kenya. Schedule a viewing to confirm the spaciousness. With such measurements, you are sure the house is spacious, right? To confirm this, these houses for sale in Kenya, Nairobi, are open for viewing. Book for a physical or virtual site visit using the button below.

Bungalows in Kitengela

Discover your ideal 3-bedroom bungalow in Kitengela. These stunning 3 bedroom houses for sale in Nairobi, Kitengela offer comfort, style, and better living.

Did you know buying a home is the most significant investment anyone can make? By buying a house, you grow your wealth as you can save more and because your inner spirit is at peace. Did you know that owning a home give’s you financial stability? To most people rent, school fees, home finances in that order is a major financial concern. 

Imagine you continue paying rent in the next five years. How much will you have spent? A lot, right?This is where Revo Home ownership comes into play. Imagine owning a home within a gated community in Nairobi and transforming your living experience. Check out our show house and make a lasting investment in your future.

Revohouse Gated Community

Revohouse Limited presents a safe and peaceful gated community in Kitengela. Find 3-bedroom houses for sale in Nairobi, Kenya, built to last with high-quality measures. Dare to transform your living by owning a home in the heart of Kitengela.

Nairobi Houses for Sale: Revo Homes Features

Revo Homes are modern houses in Nairobi, Kenya. Invest in modern houses in Nairobi with Revo Homes. Enjoy value, convenience, luxury, and a contemporary lifestyle. This is what you get in these Nairobi houses for sale:

  • You can customize your interiors to your liking
  • You get a long-lasting home: From the full excavation of the black cotton soil to the laying of metal bars on the foundation footing and even the 50-year guarantee on our roofing solutions, your home is built to last and give you peace of mind.
  • Open-plan living and kitchen: We embraced this idea so that family-focused interactions might occur in the kitchen and living space.
  • 3 spacious en-suite bedrooms with built-in closets: En-suite bedrooms provide intimacy, privacy, and safety. Our homeowners value this concept. That allows easy access to bathroom facilities while providing much-needed privacy.
  • Convenience: When you buy a Revo home, you buy convenience. This gated community is close to amenities such as the Nairobi expressway, JKIA, SGR, schools, churches, mosques, eateries, entertainment joints, shopping malls, banks, and more.
  • Spacious kitchen and pantry
  • Enough cabinets and granite working tops
  • Large windows that allow good aeration and propel the natural light
  • Cabro pavements within the estate
  • Borehole to make sure there is enough water supply
  • Perimeter wall with electric fence

3 Bed House with En Suite in Nairobi

The 3 bedroom houses for sale in Nairobi, Kitengela are designed with your needs in mind. Experience a blend of luxury and simplicity surrounded by greenery and beautiful views. Enjoy reasonable pricing and flexible financing options to make your dream homeownership a reality. Transform your living with Revo Homes in Kitengela.

You are offered reasonable pricing and flexible financing options to make your dream homeownership a reality. Dare to transform your living by earning a better living with Revo Homes in Kitengela.

To view these gated community houses for sale in Nairobi, contact us today and book a site visit. Also, you can call or WhatsApp ss at +254 798 770 770!

FAQs for houses for sale in Nairobi

It depends on which part of the country you want to build or buy a house in Kenya. Buying a ready-made house in Nairobi is cheaper than building a house. Price in Nairobi is highly competitive in buying land, construction materials, machinery, and labour compared to other towns in Kenya.

When you buy a house, there is a quick turnaround time compared to building a house. The time taken to buy a house and settle is short compared to building a house from scratch. Learn more about it here!

The average price of a 3 bedroom bungalow in Kenya is Ksh. 7, 500, 000. Also, you can find 3 bedroom apartments for sale for as low as Ksh. 4, 000, 000. Revo homes 3 bedroom bungalows go for Ksh. 7, 000, 000. Also, you can secure a mortgage to own our houses with a deposit of Ksh. 1, 000, 000. At a 9.5% p.a interest rate payable within a 15-year mortgage plan, pay an instalment of 63,000 p.m. Contact us today to OWN our HOMES.

Rent should cost between Ksh 4,500 and Ksh 9,000 if your monthly salary is Ksh 30,000. If you make Ksh 100,000 monthly, you should budget Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 30,000 for rent. Depending on your monthly income, you can pick to spend on the lower or higher advised rent.

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