Houses for Sale in Kitengela

Welcome to Revo Homes. Gated community houses for sale in Kitengela.

We currently have 3 bedroom houses available for sale. Click to find out more.

3 Bedroom Houses for Sale in Kitengela

houses for sale in Kitengela

Revo Homes has houses for sale in Kitengela. Do you envision owning a 3 bedroom bungalow in the  Kitengela, Kenya? Revo Homes are exclusively built for Kenyans and Kenyans in the Diaspora. The real estate industry is growing at a fast ,so investing in real estate in Kenya is crucial.

Whether you want a home to settle in or for investment, worry less, as Revo Homes has got you covered. Are you ready to transform your living by owning a modern bungalow in Kenya?

Revo Homes is a residential housing development by Revohouse Limited. Revohouse is the number one real estate developer in Kitengela. At Revo Homes, you will find the perfect house to buy in Kitengela.

The 3 bedroom houses are in a gated community in Kitengela. The houses have everything you need to live a comfortable and convenient life in Kitengela. Let’s look at what these houses for sale in Kitengela have to offer.

Revo homes bungalows in Kitengela

Revo Homes bungalows in Kitengela is where you will find your dream house to buy. These stunning 3 bedroom houses for sale in Kitengela are perfect for individuals and families looking for comfort, style, and better living. Check our show house.

Did you know buying a home is the most significant investment anyone can make? By buying a house, you grow your wealth as you can save more and because your inner spirit is at peace. Did you know that owning a home gives you financial stability? To most people, rent, school fees, and home finances in that order are major financial concerns. 

Imagine you continue paying rent in the next five years. How much will you spend? A lot, right? This is where Revo Home ownership comes into play. Now dare to transform your living by owning a 3 bedroom bungalow inside a gated community.

Stunning bungalows for sale in Kitengela

The Revo Homes are modern bungalows in Kitengela are perfect for family living. Check why Revo Homes is your perfect house to buy in Kitengela:

houses for sale in Kitengela

Spacious living room and dining area

These houses have an open plan living room and dining area. The living and dining room are well-lit, aerated and very spacious. You and your family will enjoy the living room space, host several guests, and remain comfortable.

Spacious open-plan modern kitchen

It would be best to have a kitchen with plenty of natural light and space. Also, Having a pantry and enough storage space to organize your kitchen well feels good. This is precisely what you get in these gated community houses in Kitengela.

The open-plan kitchen gives you convenience, as you can keep an eye on your children and pets as you prepare meals.

houses for sale in Kitengela
3 bedroom houses for sale in kitengela

3 spacious en-suite bedrooms with built-in closets

The bedrooms are all en-suite and thus providing maximum comfort and privacy. The 3 spacious bedroom provides you with the versatility to suit your lifestyle needs.

You can comfortably host people as you have ample rooms for families and individuals who need extra space. The extra rooms can be guest rooms, home offices, playrooms, or gyms. Because of this, the house is perfect for buyers with diverse needs.

Ample parking space

Imagine living somewhere you’ll never worry about finding a place to park your car or cars. At Revo homes, you are sure of parking space. These gated community houses in Kitengela has ample parking space. Every house has 2 parking slot set aside for your cars.

gated community houses for sale in Kitengela
gated community houses for sale in Kitengela

A private backyard with a touch of a green yard

After a long and tiring day through the concrete jungle. Returning home to a cool and calm backyard with a touch of green yard is very satisfying. You get to connect with nature, meditate and also get tranquility.  You can create more activities by adding a kitchen garden or play area thus improving your living experience.

Close to multiple amenities

The Revohouse gated community residence is located at the heart of Kitengela. Therefore, the houses are conveniently located  near schools, churches, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment joints, and many more.

These gated community houses in Kitengela are close to SGR, JKIA, Nairobi Expressway and much more. Commuting from Kitengela to CBD or westlands has become easy since the launch of the Expressway.

houses for sale in kitengela- revo homes

3 bedroom bungalows in Kitengela

To learn more about these beautiful bungalows for sale in Kitengela, Kenya, contact our team and schedule a site visitCall or WhatsApp us at +254 798 770 770. To know more about these houses for sale in Kitengela, contact us today to start your home ownership journey with us.

Please note that Revohouse Limited does not charge any viewing fee.

FAQs for houses for sale in Kitengela

Kitengela is perfect for families and individuals who want to live in a serene and peaceful area, away from noise and pollution in Nairobi. Good schools, such as Kitengela International School, Acacia International Schools, and more, are around. Kitengela is well known for Nyama Choma, and entertainment joints and restaurants such as Enkale and Yukos are based in Kitengela.

The most significant advantage of living in a gated community is security. Thus, the chances of crime are rare. Gated neighbourhoods are perfect for families seeking to live in a peaceful and quiet area.

The average price of a 3 bedroom bungalow in Kitengela, Kenya, is Ksh. 7, 500, 000. Also, you can find 3 bedroom apartments for sale for as low as Ksh. 4, 000, 000. Revo homes 3 bedroom bungalows go for Ksh. 7, 000, 000. Also, you can secure a mortgage to own our houses with a deposit of Ksh. 1, 000, 000. At a 9.5% p.a interest rate payable within a 15-year mortgage plan, pay an installment of 63,000 p.m. Contact us today to OWN our HOMES.

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