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Modern houses for sale in Kenya in a gated community

Are you looking for modern houses for sale in Kenya? The real estate market in Kenya and Nairobi is constantly growing. You’ll find numerous houses for sale every day.

Nairobi metropolitan area is one of the most vibrant cities in Kenya and East Africa. Nairobi offers diverse opportunities to those seeking to settle in the area. If you are looking for modern homes in Kenya to settle or invest in, you have come to the right place.

When finding modern houses for sale in Kenya, people settle based on different variations. These vary from luxurious and cozy to simple houses; there is something to fit every preference and budget.

Finding your perfect home can be overwhelming, but technology has made house hunting easy. With little hustle, you can easily find a home based on your preferences and specifications that fit your correct budget. This guide introduces the Revo Homes project with 3 bedroom modern homes for sale in Kenya. Without further ado, let’s get star

Revo Homes houses for sale

Revo Homes is a real estate development by Revohouse Limited. Revo Homes is a gated community residence with 3 bedroom bungalows, all ensuite. These modern homes for sale in Kenya are stand-alone units with a private compound and parking.

The houses are in the leafy suburbs of Kitengela. Kitengela is in the Nairobi metropolitan area. Suppose you are looking for a modern house in Kenya in the suburbs and away from the noise of the bustling Nairobi city. Revo Homes is your ideal place to get your perfect home.

Revo Homes are ideal for families and individuals who want a comfortable lifestyle away from the city. These single-family homes offer a blend of luxury and simplicity under one roof.

Revo homes are ideal for settling and investment. Did you know that Kitengela is one of the fastest-developing towns in Kenya? From business developments to housing development, the area is growing tremendously.

If you are looking for a cozy bungalow to settle in or invest in inside a gated community, Revo Homes is the place to find your perfect home. Fill out this form to book a site visit inside the modern houses for sale in Kenya.

Home ownership in Kenya with Revo Homes

As you begin your home ownership journey with Revo Homes, be sure to get a different experience. At Revo Homes, you get the urban vibe in the countryside. You can customize the house and the compound to your liking.

Owning a home in Revo Homes’s gated community provides long-term financial security and stability. This is because home ownership is one of the best investments to have as you get to save greatly. Also, the value of land keeps appreciating, and in the future, if you want to sell the house, you will greatly benefit as the value appreciates over time.

If you are a Kenyan resident or a Kenyan in the diaspora, you’re considering moving to Nairobi and Kitengela. Revo Homes is a great option.
Revo Homes’ modern houses for sale in Kenya are a gated community of 29 3-bedroom bungalows. Each unit sits on a 40 by 80 piece of land. Each house has a plinth area of 145 sqm. The plinth area tells you that the house is very spacious. From spacious rooms, you have ample parking, a backyard, a kitchen garden, and enough space to landscape.

Owning a modern home in Kenya gives you a sense of pride and security. Revo Homes allows you to connect with other home owners in the neighborhood. This is where you find your tribe and like-minded individuals. Therefore, you grow mentally, emotionally, socially, and economically. Consider these modern houses for sale in Kenya and get to connect with your ideal community.

Site Plan

modern houses in Kenya

Revo Home Interiors

modern houses in Nairobi

Reasons you should invest in Revo Homes

Are you looking for a modern house for sale in Kenya? Here are the reasons why you should invest in Revo Homes:

1. Location

Location is a vital factor when choosing where to live. It’s a check as Revo Homes’s gated community is close to the Nairobi expressway, JKIA, SGR, Kitengela town, and much more. Just a few kilometers from the modern homes for sale residence, there are business centers and entertainment joints nearby. There is Kitengela Mall, where you can have a variety of shopping; there are a variety of entertainment joints for fun and dining where you can relax and chill. Revo Homes residence has your convenience covered.
Investment Potential
Real estate investment is about potential returns. Buying a home is a good investment as you can save and get more returns. Kitengela area boasts a high occupancy rate. This indicates a high demand for quality and modern homes in Kenya. Revo Homes has a modern architecture that is aesthetically pleasing. Investing in Revo Homes isn’t about buying a home; it’s about securing an investment that will appreciate over time.

2. Elevate and transform your living experience

The Revo Homes modern houses for sale in Kenya are built with exclusivity in mind. The house interiors are inviting and offer pleasing aesthetics.

3. Luxury and comfort

These modern houses for sale in Kenya are a complete blend of luxury inside an affordable 3 bedroom bungalow. Every bedroom in these modern houses in Nairobi is ensuite. The bedrooms provide an exceptional level of privacy and convenience. Each member of the house can enjoy their private space in the bedroom.

4. Modern living

Revo Homes, modern houses for sale in Kenya, have modern architecture and pleasing and inviting aesthetics. From the living room and kitchen to the bedrooms and washroom, the home has quality and appealing appliances that offer a modern and luxurious feel.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. The kitchen is fitted with modern kitchen appliances and a granite worktop. The kitchen cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and functional. Space is another amazing feature that comes with these modern houses in Nairobi.

Revo Homes: Modern houses in Nairobi

Revo Homes are modern houses for sale in Kenya that offer your lifestyle of choice. Revo Homes’s gated community is a whole package and a masterpiece to offer everyday pleasure and comfort. With exclusive amenities close to proximity, urban and suburban feel, modern architecture design, prime location and luxurious encounters inside a calm and serene gated residence. Your perfect home awaits you inside Revo Homes’s gated residence in Kitengela. Consider these modern homes for sale in Kenya. Book a physical or virtual site visit with our dedicated team.

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modern houses for sale in Kenya
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