Who We Are

Revohouse Ltd is a subsidiary company to Axel Engineering Ltd.  Revohouse is a prominent real estate developer in Kitengela, Kenya, offering housing projects with modern amenities and luxurious living experiences.

Revohouse is focused on transforming the real estate industry. We build modern homes with the aim of making families comfortable by developing iconic and unique homes.
Revohouse Limited has established itself as a renowned real estate developer in kitengela.

We aim is to make people experience a better living. We achieve this by developing unique lifestyle homes that improve our communities quality of life.

We want you to dare to transform your living in our 3 bedroom bungalows in Kitengela at a competitive price.

Experience Luxurious Living with Our 3 Bedroom Bungalows in Kitengela

Our Mission

To offer you moments of serenity that energize you to go out and make positive chage.

Our Vision

To develop homes that help improve daily quality of life.

Team Approach

Our team approach in revo house is designed to use our combined knowledge, experience and skill set to provide the expertise and services our clients deserve. We boast of a wealth of experience in market research,architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate development.

revo house

Latest Technologies

We look to the future by working in the present: we offer customers and the market the latest technological material and design solutions, to create cutting-edge projects in terms of comfort and style. For years, we have been providing cutting-edge homes that adhere to the standards of luxury in Kitengela. Revohouse Limited develops homes that give people a better living.

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